• Waxing

  • At Karen Sammon Skincare we work with Hive Beauty. In comparison to our previous waxing brand, Hive is very gentle and leaves the skin less sensitive after waxing

    To benefit from waxing at a great price, buy the waxing card which allows you a discount of 30 percent on all waxing treatments. The card does not expire and is also useful for people who only wax occasionally.

  • Treatments & Rates

    Treatment Price
    Full Leg Wax 30 Euro
    Half Leg Wax 20 Euro
    Arm Wax 20 Euro
    Under Arm Wax 15 Euro
    Regular Bikini Wax 25 Euro
    Brazilian Bikini Wax 30 Euro
    Full Bikini Wax 35 Euro
    Upper Lip 10 Euro
    Chin 10 Euro
    Back Waxing 25 Euro
    Chest 25-30 Euro