1. Can I arrive for my facial appointment with makeup on?

      Yes, this is no problem as your skin will be professional cleansed during the treatment.

    2. Can I exfoliate the days before a treatment?

      No, please do not exfoliate before a facial treatment, but please do before a tanning treatment.


    3. What’s the difference between hot wax and warm wax?

      Hot wax applied with a wax cartridge and is used on large areas such as back, legs and stomach and is removed by strips. Warm wax is applied directly onto the skin with a small wooded spatula and is removed without strips. Warm wax is excellent for arm pits, bikini and face. It is a gentle wax and can be applied very accurately to sensitive areas.

    4. Can I have a facial if I am pregnant?

      Absolutely, a facial is a very relaxing treatment and will have no negative impact on the pregnancy. However, please let me know if you are pregnant as there are a very small number of cosmetic ingredients that are not advised during pregnancy.


    5. I am taking medically prescribed medication for acne - can I have a facial?

      Yes, you can have a facial but please advise your skin therapist before treatment begins if you are taking any prescription medication or have stopped taking it the previous three months so we can adapt your treatment if necessary.

    6. I react to many skincare products - will I break out after a facial?

      Please, let us know of any product sensitivities you have experienced in the past before the treatment begins.  Also, please let us know about any allergies you may have, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. It is advisable, where possible, to drink water in the hours after a facial to aid the release of toxins.


    7. Do you pluck eyebrows and do facial waxing as part of the facial treatment?

      Eyebrow plucking/treading or waxing is included in the price of the treatment, time permitting. If you would like a significant eyebrow re-shape or facial waxing, it is sometimes better to book this as a separate appointment or book extra time with your facial.


    8. Does the product from the tanning treatment ruin your clothes?

      Normally not, however, we strongly recommend that you wear dark loose clothes after the treatment and if necessary flip-flops to ensure you do not get lines along your feet. Also, make sure you have an umbrella and closed shoes with you if its rainy weather!


    9. I don’t need a treatment but I would like to buy some products at your skincare centre?

      Certainly. If you need a lot of explanation, please give me a call in advance so I can put some time aside to advise you.


    10. Do you sell gift vouchers?

      Yes. You can come to the shop to pick up a gift voucher or you can download if from the website at all times and arrange to pay via bank transfer or by coming by. Please mail to let us know if you download from the website.


    11. What is your cancellation policy?

      Treatments cancelled less than 24hours in advance, in holiday time and peak periods 48 hours notice is required and no-shows will be charged fully - sorry we have been forced to strictly implement this policy . If you cannot come or are running late please sms, email or phone to let us know. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard.


    12. Do you accept bank cards?

      Yes, we accept all bankcards with the exception of Amex.